Real Estate Closings Update

Real estate transactions have changed quite drastically these past few weeks.  As someone who takes pride in the “closing experience,” it’s been difficult to entertain clients without music, champagne, and the Music Row backdrop. 

However, this has not limited our ability to close deals for our clients.  We have been closing on the hoods of cars, empty parking lots, and the front steps of our office building. Now’s not the time to sit idly until everything goes back to normal, but to get creative!

We are in the process of implementing software to allow our clients to close remotely from the comfort of their homes. In the meantime, one of the best strategies we recommend is to appoint your closing lawyer as your Power of Attorney. 

The Power of Attorney is a legal document that gets recorded in the register of deeds office and allows your authorized agent to sign the closing documents on your behalf.  This strategy avoids having to deal with any mail away delays, scheduling conflicts, or travel concerns. 

We can also email the closing documents to the clients ahead of time to allow them to review and ask questions via phone or FaceTime. 

Hopefully these measures will continue to allow clients, real estate agents, and lenders to close transactions with confidence.

Bradley T. Bald, Esq., The Row Title & Escrow, LLC,

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